I was born in New Zealand, not far from one of our wonderful beaches in Wellingon, and lived there very happily, thinking the rest of the planet was just like us. Like many in my generation I wrode a bicycle to school every day and never thought anything of it. These days boys don’t disappear into the distance on thier bike without a caregiver or some adult holding a large list of items, checking them all off – we have become a risk-averse culture.

At the close of my education as a young person at school I worked out getting more education was my goal, so off I went. As things have turned out I have worked my way through three degrees and three different universities and loved the journey. My most recent trip ‘back to school’ was done in 2009 at Victoria University in the city where I still live, having moved away several times for study and work.

The overseas stuff involved two phases. First time spent in Australia, working, gaining a Masters from Sydney University and training/working as a Family Therapist. The second phase was time spent in Thailand – I lived and worked there for fourteen years. I have returned home to Wellington in 2006 and remained here ever since.

I like books and continue to try to change myslef. My intellectual interests are rather wide in scope and having a personal library and access to the internet is really important to me. This website project is really an expression of this side of my personality.

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