5 thoughts on “Applaud their courage, and take heart

  1. Thanks for your praise – and for reblogging my text! I put some effort in it, glad to see that it is received positively.

    And – welcome back, Peter! This is your first blog post in almost 1,5 years. Why were you so silent for so long? Whether the reason was, I’m happy that my work inspired you to return. Hope you will not stop here, and your new blog posts are coming!


    • Explorer your text struck cords with a number of books and articles I have been reading, as well as experiences of how things are from my perspective. These kinds of exchanges on blogs are public and that can be positive and incorporate risk. If you would find further exchanges a good thing I am willing to do this by email or via Skype. My expression of interest and support for what you wrote is deserved, that is truely and uncomplicated truth. I wish you well Explorer.


    • I will poke my head up as I answer. I live in NZ and we suffer from what has been called ‘talk-poppy syndrome’. There are cultural warriors of sorts out there, and from my point of view hegemony is well and truely in play. I think it unwise to write blog posts as comment, but put simply I saw it as safer for me to keep my thoughts to myself. Perhaps I have already begun a blog piece. I do appreciate your genuine interest, thanks.


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