The way society treats paedophilia is ugly


Photo by Lee Winder, taken from “The way society treats paedophilia is ugly” Hugh Mchale-Maughan on 06/06/2014 in The Oxford Student.

In September 1957 The Wolfenden Report offered up a voice that was not that of the homosexual person but it did join with that voice to seek change – to address the suffering and social exclusion of the sexual pervert of the day.

In a very similar way the piece offered here by The Oxford Student speaks in a media piece by Hugh McHale-Maughan, “The way society treats paedophilia is ugly.”  Some would argue all that needs to happen is for the oppressed to speak and things will change.  This is naïve – and I mean that in a radical sense.  All narratives have rules that govern how they are to be ‘written’ and offered up to us as readers and speakers.  Invariably, certain minorities are not ‘permitted’ to speak for themselves.

To be more specific: at the present time, it is never enough for minor-attracted people to speak of the suffering they endure.  Without the support of a voice that is not their own voice, the situation for the minor-attracted person remains inhumane.

This ‘other’ voice needs to join in a call for change, with this shift we will see a more ethical and human future, not only in Britain but where I live as well – New Zealand.  One sits and waits for that move to compassion in how society views and treats the paedophile.

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