On a personal note, something to celebrate.

Graduate Diiploma in Arts (sociology) 2013

Graduate diploma in Arts (sociology) 2013

On this site to date the items have been somewhat serious with a focus on critical thought about social issues. In this post I want to take a step that helps explain why I have the interest in these topics. Clearly I have decided to share my thoughts, believing that the future we make together will be a better one if we show a willingness to enter public discourse on topics that are engines for how things are.

Yesterday I went to a ceremony for the conferral of a Graduate Diploma in Arts (sociology). The university is Victoria University of Wellington. I already hold two degrees from different universities (undergraduate degree from Otago University of Dunedin and a Masters from Sydney University). The ceremony yesterday was the first one I have attended. As a younger man I told myself the pomp and circumstance was not something I wanted to join; now I find marking publicly with others that one has studied is a positive move.

The students I have met while doing the recent study present as wonderful people, making me much more optimistic about our social and cultural future. Shared lives for those in different generations is such a plus and I will keep investing in this vision of forming and sustaining links between people.

Let’s see if my next post keeps this very positive feel for things.