Just what are we capable of doing to each other?

Here is the title and link to a text offered up to us by The San Diego Free Press:

Sex in San Diego: Are Some Men Born Pedophiles? New Science Says Yes, But Sexologists Say Not So Fast

March 13, 2013

By Steven Rosenfeld



“I would not want to tell the scientific community to stop its endless journey where who and what we are a part of what unfolds. Second the contribution of other bodies of knowledge also plays a role – the humanities are a rich source of knowledge, and yes at times, wisdom. My thoughts offer up to me various futures, some that scare me deeply.

What if future societies and cultures decide that to be gay or lesbian is ‘unwanted’ and bad, a view that has lived amongst us before, and science offers that future society the chance to make us, literally determine us, to all be heterosexual? Is that really what we want? (In some African settings today women viewed as lesbians are attacked and raped, believing such actions will achieve just this outcome of forcing those women to become heterosexual. This violent attack on them is spoken of as ‘corrective rape’).

How is the erasure of the pedophile any different? (Some of us view pedophilia as a sexual orientation, and that view has ethical consequences). We don’t ‘discover’ stigma, we make it happen. Sexual differences amongst us are not about some people being hard-wired to be morally bad, and others hard-wired to be good. I ask myself this question, just what are we willing to do to each other, given the chance?”


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