What’s on my mind as this week unfolds (first week in June 2012)?

There has been a media story about the deaths of two adults, one male and one female, where opening accounts included information about the man’s profile as including a sexual attraction to minors. How marked this was is certainly unclear but in my thinking I am joining this episode with another that took place in the New Zealand media in late December of 2011. Again, in this media item there was violence. The young man had sexual contact with a girl who was injured very seriously.

My thinking is about how these cases are being offered up to us in the media and does this tell us anything about ourselves both as a culture and as a society. The issue of minor attraction is certainly not a uniquely New Zealand social issue. Because I live here my interest is in the local forms this item takes, how is it managed, talked about, how it sits with us 2012.

So it is my plan to check some facts, do some thinking, and write. Come back later and what’s on offer may be of interest.


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